Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family Matters

On Saturday, August 8th, members of the Garrison Family gathered at the Mount Hope Community Center to celebrate their common heritage. Family members enjoyed a meal together and spent time in conversation, renewing family friendships and catching up on the latest family information.

The theme of the gathering centered around the five children of Charles Wesley and Ella Garrison which included Myrtle, VD, PM, Paul and Ruth.

We wish to encourage those of you who attended to share your reflections/thoughts and include any pictures you might have taken.


  1. I am most grateful to our family members who made the effort to join the Family Reunion. It was wonderful to speak with all of you and we hope to stay in touch and reunite for another reunion in two years.

  2. As I put away the posters from the reunion, I realize how blessed we are that we still have extended family that we can see now and then. It gives me a sense of connectedness that is hard to find other places. I'm sorry not everyone could be there, but that would probably be hard to pull off. Remember that we agreed we would meet in August, 2011 - which is hard to imagine! But get your kids and their kids to mark their calendars!

  3. Sorry that I missed all the fun--I was stuck here in Atlanta. I loved to see all the pictures of the family--especially Mother-whom I don't see very much. I think this is a wonderful way to keep in touch. In September, our youngest son Nathan is getting married in D.C.--where he now lives and works. Maybe I can post some pictures of the wedding (if I can figure out how to do it).
    I will post later and give you an update on all my family here in Atlanta.